Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Whereas the client intends to open securities/commodity trading accounts with Relitrade stock Broking Pvt Ltd., (herein- after referred as Relitrade) for the purpose trading in Capital Market Segment, Future & Option Segment, Currency Derivative, Commodity Segments of Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, National Stock Exchange of India Limited, Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited and Mutual Fund transactions Facili- ties offered by SEBI recognized Stock Exchange/and whereas for the purpose of more fully and conveniently availing of the service that may be made available by Relitrade from time to time, the Client, on its own free will and volition, agrees to accept and be bound by the following terms and conditions are voluntary i.e., non-mandatory in nature but on their acceptance, these shall constitute the contract between the parties and bind them fully and be enforceable by each party against the other.

  1. Authorization to debit additional charges with regard to Trading and Demat Account:

Without prejudice to the other rights and obligations of the parties, the client understands and agrees that Relitrade may levy additional charges including Annual Maintenance Charges and all transaction charges with respect to Clients Demat account for any service rendered by Relitrade and as may be required by the Client, and recover from the Client all reasonable costs, as may be incidental or consequential for rendering the said services. The said charges will be debited to the clients ledger account with Relitrade Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Authorization for delivering / pledging shares:

The client understands and agrees that Relitrade may deliver to the Exchange any securities held by it on behalf of the client to discharge settlement obligations in respect of securities sold by the client or pledge the same with Cheat its sole discretion & at any point of time. clearing house of the recognized stock exchange in any segment where the Client Is registered for trading for the purpose of providing margin for the trading positions contracted or to be contracted by the Client or with any scheduled commercial bank, Non-Banking Financial Institution or other financial institution for raising funds to the extent account of the client carries debit balance but without any obligation on its part to so raise funds by pledging the securities and without prejudice to the right of Relitrade to enforce, at its option, the collateral security in the securities to recover the debit balance at any time.

  1. Authorization for Inter segment fund balance transfer and stock transfers:

The client here by authorizes Relitrade to transfer its debit/ credit balances in the ledger account arising during the course of trades in any segment to its ledger account in any other segment or to transfer any stock purchased/lying in its account in any segment to its account In any other segment as often as may be required. The transfers may be completed by passing journal entries in the books of Relitrade.

  1. Manner/Mode of placing orders/instructions & Non execution/delay/cancellation of Orders:

The Client may communicate orders and other instructions to Relitrade or the subbroker/ authorised person as the case may be over phone at the designated contact telephone number, or in writing, or through designated email, or by personally visiting the designated office. The client hereby agrees that Relitrade or the Exchanges shall not be liable for non execution or partial execution of any orders caused due to suspension, interruption, or malfunctioning of the online as well as online trading services, disrup- tions or congestion of communication networks, hardware or software problems, or failure of the electronic trading beyond the control of Relitrade or the Exchange.

  1. Client not to act on representations of agents, employees:

Client is aware that Relitrade has not authorized any agents, representatives, employees or other persons to make any representation, or to give any promise, assurance, warranty, undertaking or commitment as to return on investment of the Client whether in writing or otherwise on behalf of Relitrade.

  1. Recording of Conversation:

The client is aware and agrees that Relitrade may tape record the conversation between the client/client’s representative and Relitrade, whether over the telephone or in person, as per applicable laws, rules and regulations of SEBI/Exchanges.

Relitrade may produce before competent authorities, voluntarily or on such production being required by such authorities, recorded conversation or transcript thereof or both as valid evidence of the content of the conversation so recorded.

  1. Confidentiality of Client Details :

Relitrade may discloser the client information to any person /entity as required under the law or to any brokers Association or organisations In case of dispute In order to take informed decision. The Client here by agrees and give Its consents for the disclosure by Relitrade to any person or entity including but not limited to any independent third parties or any entities of Relitrade Group, whether within or outside India, of any information and data relating to Client or relating to Client’s trading account with Relitrade for the purposes of or in connection with, any present or proposed initiatives, including but not limited to any marketing or cross sell initiatives, business proposals, activities, facilities or services availed of or to be availed, by Client in future.

  1. Severance:

In case any one or more of the terms and conditions contained in this document become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

  1. No Waiver:

No forbearance, relaxation or inaction by any party to require from the other performance or discharge of any obligation to be performed or discharged by the other under this document shall in any way affect diminish, or prejudice the right of such party to require of the other party at any time such performance or discharge, or performance or discharge of any other obligations under this document or be considered to be a waiver of any rights, unless the waiver is specifically agreed in writing.

  1. Notices:

All notices or communications issued by Relitrade shall be served on the Client in any one or more or all of the following ways at the ordinary business address and/or ordinary place of residence and/or last known address of the client:

10.1 (a) By ordinary post or (b) By registered post or (c) By express delivery post or (d) by SMS on registered mobile or by telephonic call or (e) By affixing it on the door at the last known business or residential address or (f) By oral communication to the party or on the last known telephone number or on the recording machine of such number or (g) By advertising it in at least one prominent daily newspaper having circulation in the area where the last known business or residential address of the client is situated or (h) By publishing it on the website of Relitrade wherein secured log-id and password to Client is provided or (I) By a notice posted on the notice board of the Exchange if no address be known or 0) By electronic mall or fax or (k) By hand delivery or By Courier or any other approved mode as may be allowed for communication.

10.2        Notwithstanding anything stated above, communication relating to orders, margins, maintenance calls and other similar matters In the ordinary course of dealings between Relitrade and the Client may be made orally.

11. Electronic Contract Note (ECN):

11.1. Client agree to receive contract notes in Electronic/Digital Form (ECN) authenticated by means of a digital signature in lieu of Physical Contract notes through e-mail by authorizing Relitrade in this connection and providing the e-mail address(es) at which the Client wishes the ECN to be sent.

11.2 The Client shall access and verify the ECN and all Information contained therein, In case of discrepancy, the Client shall inform Relitrade either in writing or via E-mail within reasonable time of the receipt of the same. Relitrade shall also publish the Contract Note on the Web site www.relitrade.in/broking/ or on any other designated location specified by Relitrade from time to time. The Client will be issued a login and password by which the Client can login in to his account and view/save/print the ECN. Should the Client experience any difficulty in opening the ECN, Relitrade may, on advice by the Client, make the Contract Note available by any other means (email, electronic mall attachment, or In the form of an available download from the back office web site or by delivery of a hard copy). Client’s failure to advice Relitrade of such a difficulty shall amount to valid delivery and viewing of the document by the Client.

  1. Electronic Transmission of other Documents:

The Client who have opted for ECN agrees that Relitrade may transmit to the Client any statements, documents or Intimation Including, but not limited to, Margin Statement, Statements of Funds and Securities, margin and maintenance calls & other notices/communications document mandated by SEBI/Stock Exchange/Commodity Exchange/Depository in electronic mode either at the e-mail ID designated for delivery of ECN or to the mobile number of the Client or both and, in case of non receipt of bounced mail /non delivery of SMS notification, Relitrade shall be deemed to have fulfilled his obligation to deliver to the Client such documents. Discrepancies if any in documents should be brought to the notice of Relitrade within reasonable time from issuance failing which the documents shall be deemed to be true and correct record of transactions stated therein.

  1. Electronic Payment Gateway for Net Banking Services:

Relitrade: may provide on its internet trading website, without additional cost to the Client, access to Electronic Payment Gateways provided by various banks for facilitating transfer of funds from Client’s bank account to the account of the Client with Relitrade. Client understands that Relitrade is only providing access to the electronic fund transfer facility provided by the banker of the Client through Relitrade’s website by means of an Interface and is not liable or responsible for the proper functioning or otherwise of the Gateway or for any transaction errors, losses, malfunctioning or hacking of the system by unscrupulous elements, frauds, and/or any incidental or consequential claims arising thereout. Client undertakes not to make Relitrade a party to any litigation, claim, dispute, difference or complaint that the Client may initiate in respect of, arising out of or In connection with any transactions on the Gateway and agrees that Relitrade liability shall at all-time be limited to the amount actually received In its account by electronic transfer from Client’s account with the Bank.

  1. Internet/Wireless Technology based Trading facility:

14.1 Relitrade offers Internet and mobile Trading facility for transaction in securities on the concerned Exchanges including facilities for online application of IPO/FPO/NFO/Bond issues or any other issues of securities or services to apply/purchase/redeem/sale/buyback or otherwise deal in the units of Mutual Funds (hereinafter referred to as the Internet/wireless Trading system”) through Exchange approved software. The Client can route its orders to Relitrade over the Internet/mobile/laptop with data card or any other devices which use Internet protocol for purchasing, selling and dealing In securities. The Client may avail of such Trading facility provided by Relitrade by complying with the formalities prescribed therefore.

14.2 Non-usage of Internet/Wireless Trading Facility: If the Client does not use the Internet/Wireless Trading Facility for a continuous period of 3 months or such other period as Relitrade may notify, the facility may be deactivated without notice and the Client shall comply with the prescribed formalities for reactivating the facility. Trades can, however, be executed at all time by placing orders off-line with the concerned branch of Relitrade.

14.3 The client understands and agrees that Relitrade has differ- ent product of the Internet Trading/Wireless Trading software, which have been approved by the Exchanges and the client shall be allotted such product as may be chosen by him. The client also understands and agrees that depending on the trading activity of the client, Relitrade shall have the exclusive right and liberty to change the product version allotted to the client and allot a different product version of the Internet Trading/Wireless Trading facility.

14.4 Orders of Client subject to review by Relitrade: The Client agrees that the Relitrade may, on being suspicious of any of the transactions, review any order placed by a Client, which may cause delays in the processing of the Client’s order or may result in rejection of such order.

  1. Extra Ordinary Events and termination/suspension of trading facility:

Relitrade will not be liable for losses caused directly or indirectly by government restriction, Exchange rulings, suspension of trading, computer, communication, telephone or system failure, war, earthquakes, flood, accident, power failure, equipment or software malfunction, lack of connectivity, congestion or disruption of communication net-work or links, software glitches or corruption, low processing speed, strikes or any other conditions beyond Relitrade’s control resulting in non-execution, partial Of Incomplete execution of orders and the resulting financial loss, if any Relitrade may at any time terminate. discontinue or temporarily suspend trading facility provided to the Client in the event of any such extraordinary event occurring without giving prior notice to the Client.

  1. Amendments to the terms and conditions:

Relitrade reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein contained by adding, deleting, modifying or varying the provisions thereof by giving 15days notice to the Client. In the event where the client has not objected to revised terms and conditions within 15 days of receiving the notification, the same shall be binding on the client.

17 . Parties agree that all claims, differences or disputes between them, arising out of or in relation to this mandatory and voluntary client / registration document any dealings and transactions made subject to the Bye laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchanges shall be submitted to arbitration for resolution in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the Byelaws and Regulations of the concerned Exchange. Provided, however, that recourse shall not be had to the arbitration, the grievance redressal mechanisms or to the investor protection schemes of the of the Exchanges or SEBI where the claims, differences or disputes exclusively arise out of or relate to any contracts entered Into; transactions carried out; schemes, leagues or competition joined; other arrangements or understandings reached or relations established by the client with a group concern or associate of the Stock Broker, Commodity Broker or any third parties and to which the Byelaws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange are not attracted and the Client understands and agrees that any application for invoking the arbitration/grievance redressal mechanisms or investor protection schemes of the Exchange in relation to any such dispute, claims or differences shall be liable to be dismissed.