Relitrade Stock Broking is committed to provide a safe secure platform not in terms of technology but also our pillars are strength of our services.

Kirti Sanghvi

With a rich experience of more than 20 years in the stock market and financial services field, he has been a part of one of the prestigious financial institutions of India. His financial career has given him in-depth knowledge and experience regarding the various industries with respect to their future and financial growth.

His mentorship is also based on his ability to analyse and predict the trends and impacts on various industry segments and their stocks with respect to the corporate and political information received.

His experience and vision have been a guiding force for the establishment of the organisation.

Atul Sanghvi

Not just being a passive enthusiast, being constantly updated with the technology has been his interest. His experience varies from leading teams, customer handling, to company operations. With 18 years of involvement in the finance field, handling of trading related operations within the organisation comes to him easily.

With experience in handling Proprietary Desk, his dynamic approach of keeping abreast with the upcoming trading softwares  and technology and implementing them for the benefit of the company and clients has yielded fruitful results. He also has to his credit the handling of a large team (kindly mention the approximate number of people if possible)in trading room for the client and pro-based work.

Ashok Sanghvi

A praiseworthy asset to the team of young brains, his 15 years of experience with financial markets and a strong research mind, makes him a strong player in the team.

He shares the knowledge of international capital and financial markets helping the company to progress.

He enjoys being involved deeply in the research work for Indian Capital Market and thereby inferring conclusions.

Karan Sanghvi

With his sharp business acumen and the entrepreneurial skills, he is one of the sharpest young brains behind the strong foundation of the organisation. Not relying on the continuation of a simple mundane experience within the organization, he keeps on challenging his risk taking abilities and strives to bring something unique which would be beneficial to the clients. The analysis of upcoming market and trading trends has been his core strength.

He has been a pioneer in introducing ALGO trading hardly known in the financial organisations of Gujarat. He believes in a magnanimously generous investment in infrastructure and employees; ultimately benefiting the organisation and the clients alike.